Apexx Marketing Pte Ltd (Formerly Apexx Marketing) is an excellent service provider for both corporate and retail gifts. Its boasts its own design house which generates exciting and bold ideas for gift products. Consumers can choose to propose and customize their own ideas of gifts for their branding or marketing needs or pick something unique from their wide range of exceptional and innovative items.

Why Apexx Marketing Pte Ltd
Since its founding in 2007, Apexx Marketing aims to provide the finest gifting solutions with the most outstanding services. We have presented our works in Hong Kong, Korea and Japan over the years gaining experiences and copliemts from clients all over the world. We have established ourselves as a leading provider specializing in fully customized gifts from scratch.
In 2018, we have privatised and now known as Apexx Marketing Pte. Ltd.

Today, Apexx Marketing Pte. Ltd. accomplishes its mission through a team of dedicated staffs and reliable manufacturing facilities abroad. With careful workflow planning and strict QC, Apexx Marketing Pte Ltd is able to ensure that the high quality products are delivered promptly. Its clients include government bodies, statutory boards, MNCs and other local and overseas establishments. With its vast experience in handling local and international projects, Apexx Marketing Pte Ltd has all that one can offer.